Doyalson Animal Hospital Virtual Tour

Doyalson Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital located at the north end of the Central Coast NSW which now has a virtual tour published on its Google My Business page.

Virtual tours for veterinarians provide a very important role in helping people see how the facility can help them when they need to decide which pet care provider they want to choose.

If you can imagine having an urgent care matter for your pet, the last thing you want to do is to not know where the parking is, where the entrance is, how big the waiting area is, etc. Some pets are fearful and you may want to ensure they have a safe space between them and other waiting patients. A virtual tour solves that problem.

Not only are you able to become familiar with the premises before ever showing up, but you can also get a better understanding of what the examination rooms look like and even the operating room. It’s the kind of imagery that helps build confidence with new patient owners and their families.

Since it was important to showcase the outside area as much as the interior, good weather was a condition for the best time to shoot that portion. In this instance, we opted to book to separate shoot sessions, one for the outdoor and outside areas and another for the internal facilities on a day when it could be properly prepared for such a photoshoot. We were able to get the staff on-site and staged the animals in care in a safe and professional manner.

In addition to the virtual tour photography, I also did a few team photos to help them update their website profile.

This virtual tour photography session required a total of 19 360° photos to complete the full experience and is published directly to the Doyalson Animal Hosptial Google My Business page which can be found on Google Search, Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth.

Since publishing this virtual tour, as at today (August 17th 2020), the images are reported to have over 35,000 views with a median weekly view of over 350 views per week with a peek view of over 700 views in one week.

With those kinds of results, it clearly indicates that that veterinarian practices can benefit greatly from showcasing their premises online. It is in fact likely an even bigger benefit for the animals and owners they care for.

You can see the virtual tour as published in the viewer below.

To see their Google My Business page on Google Maps and learn more about their business, click here

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