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Most people forget that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world! So showing up on YouTube is a great way to help you grow your business and let people know more about what you offer, who you are & what to expect if they do business with you.

I watch a lot of YouTube interviews, how-to videos & even a bit of stuff just for entertainment. But the real power of video is when you get to leverage to tell your story. Sometimes (and for those people ready to put in the work), starting your own channel is the way to go. But being interviewed by others is also a great way to leverage the power of video.

What you'll see here is a number of videos where I've:

  • been interviewed
  • am interviewing someone else
  • showcasing the work I do for clients
  • stuff I think you should watch or follow

If you'd like to have a chat about how to leverage YouTube as a medium for building your business, check out what my other business, Central Coast Digital Media can do to help out. It's a collaborative organisation that brings together a team of people who can help you from content conception to distribution.

And, of course, comment, like, and reshare too!

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