What? You don’t shoot weddings?

by Nov 11, 2016Marketing Education

The short answer is no. In fact, there are plenty of niches and specialties in photography. I am often asked to provide photography for other things such as weddings, baby photos, family portraits and many other forms of event and studio work, but like all true professionals, I’d rather stick to doing what I know how to do best and that means:

  • Virtual tours
  • Products
  • Food
  • Headshots
  • People at work


What makes this my area of expertise? I can control the environment and rarely have to use any artificial light on a work site and as a result I focus on getting images that are the most appropriate for use on your Google My Business page, your LinkedIn page or any other social media content where you want your photos to be like visual data for your customers and web crawlers.

If the kind of photography you are looking for is something outside my area of expertise such as weddings, functions, babbies, etc, the you can always check out photographers.com.au.

You can also check out my profile on Photographers.com.au too.