LinkedIn Personal Business Profile Basic Cheat Sheet

by Jun 5, 2019Marketing Education

LinkedIn Personal Business Profiles Cheat Sheet

As a Google Trusted Photographer, I have a developed a unique perspective with respect to the importance that Google places on not only its own Google My Business platform, (essentially the world’s largest online business directory) but also how Google uses data from online directories, social media and other online assets (your website) to help you rank your business or your personal profile in search results.

Google is not the only place you need to show up online. So if you’re like me and feel you can benefit from connecting with other business professionals to grow your business, I highly recommend you place considerable attention on your personal & business profile on LinkedIn.

This is a big part of why Brendan Rogers, Isaac Feeney and I host LinkedIn Local Central Coast at The Tame Fox (our sponsor host) on a monthly basis.  It’s all about making trusted local connections with other business professionals offline. It’s also about creating a model of consistent attention to effective communications online and offline.

To ensure you are making the most of your LinkedIn Personal Business Profile, you need to focus on the things that have the greatest impact in converting profile views into valuable connections.

The value of a connection should not be thought of as a “prospect” but rather someone who can play a positive role in increasing your profile or may also be able to introduce you to your ideal audience(s).

Remember, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.

Profile Headshot: Square Crop Photo (400 x 400 pixels)

Selfies and party photos are out!  Make sure to use a professional looking headshot of yourself without any distracting background. The purpose of this photo is to convey trust, approachability, likeability and professionalism.  

This image should be cropped in a 1:1 ratio (fits well in a square or circle) and at least 400 pixels wide (no more than 1500 pixels for online or else it will just load slowly)

Getting your headshot professionally done not only helps you with your LinkedIn profile, but it can also be used for a number of other digital and print assets such as brochures and your website. It’s an investment worth making.

Profile Banner: 4:1 Panorama  (1584 x 396 pixels)

This photo is a very wide landscape image cropped to a 4:1 ratio. Generally, the accepted image dimensions are 1584 x 396.

This image can be a very powerful tool to help set the stage about who you are, what you really stand and care about and possibly include a business message in with it.

It is possible to take a good standard photo and create a banner out of it, so long as the core message or point(s) of interest in the image are not blocked or covered up by your profile headshot.

Be strategic with this image. It’s a powerful piece of online real estate. I usually recommend having a scene that represents who you are and what you do best; that special something you want people to remember you by.  Again, asking for professional help in shooting such an image can make a big difference to your personal brand.

Headline: 120 Characters

This is a call to action and NOT your title or role. Give people a reason to want to connect with you. Ask yourself, what could you say about yourself professionally that would create positive professional curiosity? You only have 120 characters. Use them wisely!

Summary: 2000 Characters

This is where you can tell your story around what should have piqued someone’s curiosity about you.  Again this should make a person want to connect with you and be proud to recommend you to others. Don’t be afraid to get the assistance of a professional copywriter for this task. With only 2000 characters, you really want to have every word count.

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