360° Video – The New King Of Ads?

by Sep 12, 2017Marketing Education

360° Video on YouTube and Facebook

We all know that video ads are now taking the lead in marketing your business. YouTube is the best known brand for the place to find this content, especially now that you can run paid ads. Of course, depending on your marketing strategy and market segment, Facebook is not far behind. But videos come in many forms and it’s most innovative is 360° / VR video.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be 3D, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be full video and this ad proves the point. All you need is 360°  photos, a bit of technical wizardry and voila! And where can you get that 360° content from? The best place I can think of is your virtual tour, likely published on Google Street View.

Start with 360° Photos For Content

Google Street View for your business is the perfect place to start when you want to show your business online. It’s immersive, it’s interactive and it creates a sense of authenticity. That authenticity leads to increased trust in your business. When people see and interact with your virtual tour, they get a feeling of really being there, with you.

Leveraging Virtual Tours As Content

But don’t just get a virtual tour and think that this is all there is to do. This is a highly engaging way to connect with people and by converting the virtual tour to a video not only allows you to publish it on different social media platforms, it allows you to ad sound.

Connecting All The Senses with Sound

In this example of the virtual tour for Kayak Central Coast, I’ve added their most recent radio ad as a voice over to help keep the audience engaged. This will also help people who have either heard the ad on the radio who, later see the 360° video virtual tour to reconnect with the message. Of course it also does the same in reverse for those who see the 360° video first and later hear the ad. It all works together to reinforce your message. You could do your own voice-over, hire an voice actor or add music. The audio track you use is up to you. I can help guide you through that process too.

Want Your Virtual Tour As A YouTube Video?

All we need to do is review your needs and do a short walk through site inspection. With that , I can help you work through the points of view to be included and we can then schedule a time to get the shoot done. The rest of the heavy lifting…? I do that.

So, what do you want people to see? And hear?