Why You Can’t Set & Forget Your Google Business Profile

by Mar 13, 2018How To, Marketing Education

So you’ve verified your Google Business Profile page. Great. That’s step 1. You go over your checklist and do the following:

  • Update your hours of operation
  • make sure your map pin is in the right place
  • correct your business category
  • Add a couple of photos you grabbed from your website
  • Add your website URL link
  • Add the payment types you accept


You may have even hired a Google Trusted virtual tour photographer to come in and create a fabulous virtual tour of your business. Tick box checked. That’s a great start and for the most part, the basics of getting your Google My business page is done.

So is that it? If you really want to get Google’s tools working for you, there’s more and these next 3 things are ones that need ongoing attention.